Zoo Foundation

About the Zoo Foundation

The Sequoia Park Zoo Foundation was established in 2004 as a non-profit support organization for the City of Eureka-run Sequoia Park Zoo. Our mission is to promote and stimulate interest in the Sequoia Park Zoo, and to support the zoo’s development and programs through fundraising, marketing and other initiatives designed to enhance the zoo experience.

The Foundation has been successful in securing funding for many capital projects at the zoo, including the construction of new animal habitats, exhibit renovations and building facilities to support education and guest services. Sequoia Park Zoo offers a better experience for residents and visitors alike because of the Foundation’s support.

Working in close partnership with the City of Eureka to provide the North Coast with a spectacular zoological facility, the Foundation is responsible for:

Sequoia Park Zoo Foundation Staff

leigh pierre-oetker

Leigh Pierre-Oetker

Executive Director

ashley mobley

Ashley Mobley

Director of Marketing & Events

Support Staff

Kate Baldwin

Special Projects Coordinator


Jen McFerrin

Graphic Designer

Ideal Positions

Web Designer

Brenna Cunningham

Administrative Assistant

Board of Directors

Darrell Sherman

Jim Campbell-Spickler

Zoo Director

Michale Dearden


Roy E. Corsetti


Annette De Modena


Chuck Dominick

Co-Chair, Fund Development Committee, Projects (ad hoc)

Jeff Lamoree

Founding President, Co-Chair, Fund Development Committee

Matthew Owen

Alegria Sita

Secretary / Chair, Marketing Committee

Candy Stockton-Joreteg

Vice President

Bruce Seivertson

John Ash

City of Eureka Council Liaison

Kim Bergel

City of Eureka Council Liaison

Interested in getting involved? E-mail for information on joining a committee or the Board.