Zoo Projects

Creating a Tourist Destination on the North Coast

The economic and educational value of a quality zoo in a rural county like Humboldt cannot be underestimated. We can offer a great zoo experience here on the North Coast—one that rivals larger zoos but allows for a more intimate experience.  With continued investment from the community, we envision Sequoia Park Zoo to be a premier Redwood Coast destination.

Since adopting its first comprehensive Master Plan in 2006 and receiving accreditation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) in 1995, Sequoia Park Zoo has steadily moved forward in developing exciting new exhibits and updating existing ones while creating a modern zoo that engages visitors through education and conservation. One of Sequoia Park Zoo’s many goals is to provide a place where residents and visitors alike can learn more about the natural world in an outdoor setting. Equally important, the zoo must ensure the animals that make their home here are able to live comfortably and thrive in an environment that’s as close to their native environment as possible. Many parts of the zoo already meet these principles through careful updating and renovation.

Part of implementing the Master Plan involves prioritizing projects based on funding, the amount of disruption caused to visitors and zoo residents, and of course Humboldt weather. Our most recent exhibits (Red pandas and flamingo / cavy / screamer) were prioritized because the goals for these habitats were relatively easy to achieve and quick to build. Our current focus is the Native Predator’s Zone of the Zoo’s Master Plan.