Bear and Coyote Exhibit

Coming Soon!

The Sequoia Park Zoo is proud to be in partnership with the Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria for the development of a world class black bear and coyote exhibit. This mixed species exhibit is over an acre in size and will provide a naturalistic and enriching habitat for both species. 

Plank house with bear artist rendering of upcoming Bear exhibit at Sequoia Park Zoo
Artist rendering of the upcoming Bear exhibit and the Plank House.

Bears and coyotes are two species that have been able to adapt to human civilization better than many native species; this exhibit will help visitors understand how this adaptation serves a critically important ecological and cultural function that is beneficial to numerous species including humans. 
Visitors will traverse the exhibit on a 400 foot long boardwalk five feet in the air, and enjoy multiple viewing angles into the exhibit. 

  • At the Windthrow Shelter, visitors will observe bears and coyotes on and under a log jam designed to replicate the tree blowdown that happens naturally in forests where these species live. These wind throws in nature are vitally important habitat for these two species as they create new habitat openings for plants, insects and other animals that these species eat. They also serve as denning locations for both species. 
  • At the Forest View Shelter, visitors will have a diffuse forest view of the bear and coyotes. This covered shelter will be similar to a duck blind, and will give visitors a more direct and less intrusive view of the animals in the exhibit. 
  • At the Training Wall, keepers will train the animals to come for feedings and will provide enrichment opportunities for both the animals and for people to learn about the life cycle and dietary requirements.
  • The 15,000 gallon pond and stream feature will provide visitors with safe viewing into a part of the bear life cycle that most people never get to see in person. Part of the exhibit will also be visible from the Redwood Skywalk, which is directly adjacent to the exhibit.  
south view of the upcoming bear exhibit at sequoia park zoo
Artist rendering of the upcoming bear exhibit

This project is designed and led by the team that developed the award winning Watershed Heroes exhibit at the Zoo, Greenway Partners and Studio Hansen Roberts. This exhibit will bring visitors face to face with these native species, while creating deeply engaging and immersive experiences.

Thank you to Our Sponsor!

The Sequoia Park Zoo would like to thank Bear River Rancheria for their generous contribution to this project!

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