Redwood Sky Walk OPENING SOON!

The Redwood Sky Walk is almost complete! Stay tuned for the official opening day announcement early in 2021.

About the Redwood Sky Walk

The Zoo Master Plan Phase II expansion combines species native to the area and features an interactive Redwood Sky Walk through redwoods that is poised to deliver an unparalleled experience which will drive attendance growth from across the United States and internationally. An integral part of the Zoo experience and anchored in the Native Predators zone, this elevated walkway will educate and engage tourists and regional residents in an eco-adventure like no other. The walkway will be mostly ADA accessible, consisting of a network of suspended bridges reaching through and across a magnificent stand of old growth and mature second growth redwood trees within and beyond the Zoo’s border. At its highest point one bridge will be 100 feet from the forest floor, one third the way up the redwoods, whose upper canopy is 250 feet plus. Total distance will be 1,104 linear feet of visitor experience. 

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For More Info:

For more information, please contact Leigh Pierre-Oetker, Executive Director of Sequoia Park Zoo Foundation

Redwood Sky Walk Q & A

How high is the Redwood Sky Walk experience?

At the highest point, the Redwood Sky Walk reaches over 100 feet above the forest floor. Platforms will sit about 1/3 of the way up the in-city old-growth redwood grove. The upper canopy of these trees reaches approximately 250 feet.

How long is the Redwood Sky Walk?

The Redwood Sky Walk is just under 1/4 mile to the end and back (1,104 linear feet). It stretches out across a network of suspended bridges that reach across and through old-growth and mature second-growth redwood trees.

What is the ‘adventure leg’?

The adventure leg is 369 feet long and 36 inches wide with square open mesh decking that will move while people walk across. Though it is safe, the user will feel more exposed to the natural surroundings and more aware of their height. The Adventure Leg bridges are also apt to sway in minor winds, more than the ADA bridges, adding to the excitement. Even without a notable breeze, visitors are likely to feel themselves, as well as others, moving across the adventure segment bridges.

What is the Redwood Sky Walk made out of?

The Ascent Ramp and Launch Deck are wood structured, with concrete foundations, and Dynaplank (a walkable tread surface that is non-slip and highly durable). The posts and handrails on the structure are redwood and metal panels are infilled between posts. The Redwood Sky Walk is made from fabricated aluminum for bridges and platforms and has the same Dynaplank surface for walking. Railings are made from cable and metal mesh panels. All material choices were made for safety, longevity, and ease of maintenance.

The ascent ramp is nearly identical to the height of the tallest known living coast redwood (383 feet) making this experience a virtual “redwood climb.” There are no stairs, and the Redwood Sky Walk is ADA accessible with one exception – an optional 369-foot adventure leg.


Safety is always a top concern for the Sequoia Park Zoo. Accordingly, the new Redwood Sky Walk attraction was built to the highest possible construction standards. The new structure meets state and local safety and building codes and accounts for ADA accessibility, high winds, and even the threat of potential earthquakes. As we prepare to open the new attraction in 2021, we are working with several professional advisors, including the local department of health, to define detailed operational protocols that will further support safety, comfort, and maximum enjoyment for each of our visitors. We look forward to welcoming you up into the trees soon!


Entrance to the new Redwood Sky Walk experience will be included with the standard paid entry ticket into The Sequoia Park Zoo. As a publicly owned attraction, admission rates must be approved by Eureka City Council. It is anticipated that the price of admission will increase prior to the opening of the Redwood Sky Walk experience, but the specifics of these pricing changes have yet to be determined. Public notice will be provided as soon as those decisions are finalized. We look forward to welcoming you up into the trees soon!


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The Sequoia Park Zoo’s Redwood Sky Walk was made possible by generous contributions from our community. Many individuals and organizations participated in the development of this project and provided crucial support. We are deeply grateful.

Eureka Lodging Alliance$1,600,000
Humboldt Lodging Alliance$500,000
Arcata Lodging Alliance$200,000
California Department of Parks & Recreation Outdoor Environmental Education Facilities Grant$500,000
Habitat Conservation Grant$275,000
St. Joseph and Redwood Memorial Hospitals$50,000
Community Supporters $58,000
Thank you to the individuals and organizations who provided crucial financial support for the development of this project.

Thanks Also To:

  • City of Eureka
  • Greenway Partners
  • Synergo
  • Tree Solutions Inc.
  • Main Street Design
  • Sequoia Construction
  • Sequoia Park Zoo Foundation

For More Information:

For more information, please contact Leigh Pierre-Oetker, Executive Director of Sequoia Park Zoo Foundation: