Conservation Lectures and Events

Conservation Lectures at Sequoia Park Zoo

The Sequoia Park Zoo is hosting its annual 2022-2023 Conservation Lecture Series. This free series returns with a hybrid version on the third Wednesday of each month. The event begins with Zoo updates and information at 6:45 PM. The lecture starts at 7:00 PM. Attendees are encouraged to ask the speaker questions after the presentation. The Conservation Lecture Series is sponsored by Papa & Barkley.

The in-person lecture is held at the Sequoia Park Zoo’s Flamingo Room at 3414 W Street in Eureka, CA. Attendees can enter the Zoo through Gate C, located to the left of the main gate at the W Street crosswalk.

To attend virtually, a free, registered Zoom account is required. The Zoom link will be available on the Zoo’s website at and through social media.

Conservation Lecture Series Schedule

Nov. 16, 2022    Michael Kauffmann, local author, “The Klamath Mountains: A Natural History”

Dec. 14, 2022    (note second week of month due to holidays) Christian Brown, University of South Florida, Tampa, “Adapting to Life in Tall Trees: How Lungless Salamanders Jump, Glide, and Generate Lift”

Jan. 18, 2023     Tiana Williams-Claussen and Chris West, Yurok Tribal Biologists, “California Condor Reintroduction Update”

Feb. 15, 2023    Jennifer Hartman and Heath Smith, Rogue Detection Dogs, “Using Detection Dogs to Conserve Wildlife”

Mar. 15, 2023    Stephanie Mietz, Jacoby Creek Land Trust, 2019 Sequoia Park Zoo Conservation Grant recipient, “The Bayside Pollinator project”

Generously Sponsored by:

Thanks again to Papa & Barkley for sponsoring the 202-2022 lecture series!

Proceeds raised during conservation events and lectures go directly toward the Zoo’s Conservation Fund, or to select conservation organizations such as Red Panda Network. Learn more about projects funded by the Conservation Fund.

Stay tuned as we post the most recent conservation lecture video. For now, visit the Sequoia Park Zoo’s Facebook page to view it.

Interested in viewing previous conservation lectures online?

Many past lectures are available on our Conservation Lecture Videos page. Or you can visit our Youtube channel.