Conservation Parking Meter & Coin Racers

If you have some spare change burning a hole in your pocket, why not put it to good use and donate it via one of the options below. Even small contributions can add up to benefit conservation efforts!

Conservation Parking Meter

Rainforests are important globally—not only because of the biodiversity found there (they contain more species of plants and animals than anywhere on earth!) – but because countless medicinal, consumer, industrial and agricultural products are derived from plants and animals found only in the rainforest. The alarmingly rapid destruction of rainforests from logging, mining and slash-and-burn agriculture has a direct impact on the quality of life around the world.

For each quarter dropped in the zoo’s conservation parking meter, over 90 square feet of rainforest in the Guanacaste Conservation Area of Costa Rica can be saved. Visitors contribute approximately $1,500 per year toward rainforest conservation through donations made at this parking meter alone—that is about 12.4 acres saved each year!

If you are interested in learning more about these Conservation Parking Meters, or about rainforests, visit the Center for Ecosystem Survival at

Coin Racers

The zoo currently has two coin racers, one located in the Barnyard and the other in Secrets of the Forest. Race against your friends or family to see which type of coin is fastest, or see if you can make a trick shot and knock your “opponent’s” coin off its track. However you choose to race, these are a fun and easy way to turn a small amount of pocket change into a enormous change for conservation!