2015 Grant Projects

Our third year of conservation grants funded four worthy projects totaling $4,000.

The Conservation Fund supports wildlife and habitat conservation projects beyond the zoo – whether on the North Coast, or across the globe. One dollar of each membership goes into this fund, as well as donations from our free days. Generous folks buying day tickets also donate their quarters to the cause – thank you! Besides our small grants program, funds also supported the Red Panda Network’s Forest Guardian program in Nepal.

Our third year of Conservation Grants Funded four worthy projects:

Loggerhead Sea Turtles

$1,000 Awarded to Ikponke Nkanta of the Tropical Research & Conservation Center in 2015 for “Community Based Conservation of the Loggerhead sea turtle”

Barn Owl Nestboxes

$1,000 Awarded to Humboldt State University graduate student Carrie Wendt in 2015 for “Barn Owl Nest Boxes in Vineyards: An Ecological Trap?”