Green Practices at the Zoo

You know that zoos play an important role in the conservation of wildlife habitat and endangered species, but did you know that many zoos around the world, including Sequoia Park Zoo, help conserve resources in other ways? Sequoia Park Zoo implements many green practices and encourages you to do your part to conserve energy and resources.


Our keepers compost gallons of kitchen scraps every week left over from preparing animal diets. We use two large, pest-proof drums to break down this organic waste into fabulous soil amendment.

We also divert 55,000 gallons of green waste from the landfill annually. This includes animal manure and bedding, leaves, sheep wool, and grass clippings. We “hot compost” all of this on site to turn it into beautiful and nutritious finished compost!

[monkeyquote]This compost is available to local gardeners for a small suggested donation. Call our zoo attendants for more information or to schedule a pick up at (707) 441-4263.[/monkeyquote]

Conserving energy

In all our new offices and buildings, lights are on timers and motion sensors so they turn off when the room is not in use. We also utilize programmable thermostats which helps keep us warm when we need it without wasting energy when we don’t.

A green kitchen

Did you know our café uses environmentally friendly cups and to-go containers? We also recycle our used kitchen oil to be turned into bio-diesel and use eco-friendly cleaners.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Our facility uses paper products with high recycled content, conserving forest resources and creating demand for recycled products. Wherever we can, we reuse and recycle. Instead of throwing away cardboard boxes and egg cartons, we first reuse them for our animals’ enrichment treats.

We also encourage our visitors to recycle. Receptacles for cans and bottles are conveniently located throughout the zoo.