How to Access Your Online Zoo Membership Account

If you have not used our online system before, please review the steps below to access your account. When you’re ready, login here.

Step 1: Logging in to Your Membership Account Online

All current members have an account in the system. If this is your first time accessing it, or you do not remember your password, please select “Forgot your password?” The system will then send you a new temporary password so you can log-in. PLEASE NOTE: this email will be generated from the City of Eureka not the Sequoia Park Zoo as this is a shared membership program.

zoo membership login screen with forgotten password link highlighted underneath login button

Step 2: Reviewing Your Account Members

how to review your account members online
Step 2: Reviewing your account members

How to Review Your Account Members

Step 2

#1. (orange arrow) If you have a dual or family membership, here is where you would add those extra individuals who will share your membership.

#2. (blue arrow) Click on your name to bring up your account details and to see the memberships you currently have and their expiration dates.

Step 3: How to Review Your Account & Membership Details

how to review your membership account details
Step 3: Reviewing your membership and account details

Review Your Account Details

Step 3

#1. (blue arrow) If any of your General or Contact Information is incorrect, you can select “Edit” to correct it.

#2. (purple arrow) These tiles correspond to all of your current, previous, or upcoming memberships with the Sequoia Park Zoo and/or Adorni Recreation Center. A green tile will indicate a current, valid membership; an orange tile will indicate a soon-to-expire membership; and a grey tile will indicate an expired or upcoming membership.

#3. (orange arrow) If it is time to renew your membership and you want to continue at the same level you can select the rounded arrow to renew.

#4. (green arrow) If you want to change to a new level of membership, select “Buy Membership” to bring up the full listing of all the membership levels we offer.

Step 4: How to Pay for Your Membership

paying for your membership
Step 4: Paying for your zoo membership online

Paying for Membership

Step 4

#1. (orange arrow) Input your credit card and billing information.

#2. (blue arrow) If you want it to, the system can remember your card information for future renewals or online purchases.

#3. (green arrow) Click “Place My Order” to complete the transaction.

Zoo staff will review all online orders for completeness and contact you if any additional information is needed. If you renewed at the same level and did not make any changes to your account, you can continue to use your same membership cards you currently have. If you made a change in the type of membership, or the individuals who are authorized to use the account, new membership cards will be mailed to you at the address we have on file.

Should you need additional assistance, please contact the Membership Coordinator at 707-832-5166 or email .