Virtual Conservation Lecture: “Partnering with Beavers to Heal the Planet”

In the third conservation lecture in our Virtual Conservation Lecture Series 2020-2021, Environmental Journalist Ben Goldfarb presents “Partnering with Beavers to Save the Planet”.  Environmental journalist Ben Goldfarb will be…

Virtual Conservation Lecture: “Can We Save The Silverspot? A look inside Sequoia Park Zoo’s Butterfly Conservation Program”

Learn more about Sequoia Park Zoo’s Butterfly Captive Rearing Program with Chris Damiani

Virtual Conservation Lecture: “Surveying Humboldt’s Flying Squirrels in Our Redwood Forests”

Join us for a virtual lecture on Zoom with Barbara Clucas from the HSU Department of Wildlife while she discusses “Surveying Humboldt’s Flying Squirrels in Our Redwood Forests”.