Press Release

Free Virtual Conservation Lecture on Pacific Marten

“Exploring the Behavior of Pacific Martens in Lassen National Forest, CA.”

Virtual Conservation Lecture: “Partnering with Beavers to Heal the Planet”

In the third conservation lecture in our Virtual Conservation Lecture Series 2020-2021, Environmental Journalist Ben Goldfarb presents “Partnering with Beavers to Save the Planet”.  Environmental journalist Ben Goldfarb will be…

Virtual Conservation Lecture: “Can We Save The Silverspot? A look inside Sequoia Park Zoo’s Butterfly Conservation Program”

Learn more about Sequoia Park Zoo’s Butterfly Captive Rearing Program with Chris Damiani


Free 2020-2021 Conservation Lecture Series Goes Virtual

Conservation Lectures at Sequoia Park Zoo Sequoia Park Zoo hosts lectures and events throughout the year where community members can learn about the earth and all of its wild inhabitants.…

Virtual Conservation Lecture: “Surveying Humboldt’s Flying Squirrels in Our Redwood Forests”

Join us for a virtual lecture on Zoom with Barbara Clucas from the HSU Department of Wildlife while she discusses “Surveying Humboldt’s Flying Squirrels in Our Redwood Forests”.